Have you been to Venice recently? And you don’t want to let go of that romantic, Venice holiday feeling? When you’re back to work after a holiday, it’s often very depressing. You’ve forgotten you’ve been in holiday instantly and the rut of everyday life is back. Were you inspired by the way Italians live, then it’s not that hard to create your own Venice at home, making your everyday life a little less hard.

Drink and eat like Italians

Food is very important for Italians. It is a great way to come together with friends and family and forget about your worries for a while. Try not to make your dinner a quick meal, take your time and invite some coworkers, friends or family and enjoy! You can make your own pizza or pasta. When you find that too hard or just too much effort, you can always go to an Italian restaurant. Always choose a restaurant that uses authentic ingredients and recipes like a real crispy and tasty Italian pizza crust. Don’t go to a commercial place, pick a family restaurant to really get that Italian feel.

Plan your relax time

It’s okay to work hard but it’s not okay to always be busy. You will forget what it’s like to be completely relaxed and that could turn out in a burn out! It’s hard to relax once in a while when you have a busy life. Don’t think you will relax when you have the time for it. Plan your relax time! Say no to everything that comes in the way of your relax time. Turn off your phone and drink coffee in the sun to get that Italian feeling back.

Plan a romantic date

Italians are passionate, romantic people. Try to keep that romance alive and avoid getting in a rut as soon as you come back from your holiday. Organize a date night every week or every two weeks and enjoy a nice, homemade pasta or pizza. Candles, no phones and great food. That’s all you need! Try to keep your holiday feeling alive by pretending you’re still in Italy once in a while.